Thirsty (almost) Thursday

Tonight I’m drinking a Corona Light because: summer. And it’s hot. And summer. Ish. You can see hubby went the craft route as usual.  

Both of my kiddos will be done with school by the end of the week (last schools in the county. Woohoo. :/ ) so I’m gearing up for a schedule change. I’m hoping the new schedule gives me a little more time to focus on writing and blogging so hopefully you’ll see more regular posts soon. 

How ’bout you? Is your summer gearing up or in full swing already?

Thirsty (almost) Thursday

Thirsty Thursday: stout tasting

Hubby turned 40 a little while ago. So to celebrate after the kiddos went to bed, he decided to do a stout tasting with some of the beers he has stashed in the beer cellar basement.

The three stouts that hubby chose to drink were Kentucky Breakfast Stout from Founders Brewing Company, Big Eddy Russian Imperial Stout 2011 by Jacob Leinenkugel Brewing Company, and Old Rasputin Russian imperial stout by North Coast Brewing Company.

Going into this, I was not a fan of the KBS. When I had tasted it in the past, I found it too strong for my taste but the ‘Old Raspy’ was a frequent favorite of mine.

Here are my notes from the evening:

KBS – 11.2% abv – changing my tune on this one. Strong and bourbony but oh so flavorful. Didn’t get the hype at first but compared to the others you can really tell just how much flavor this has.

Leinenkugel – 9.5% but aged – good. More woody with maybe a honey aftertaste? Feels warm even though it came straight from the fridge. Hint of coffee but could we just be drunk by now?

Old raspy – 9% – fabulous stand alone beer. When put up against the KBS, I was surprised that it wasn’t my initial favorite of the bunch. As we continued drinking, I came back around to Old Raspy as my leading favorite.

I am a big fan of beer. As I’ve probably said before, I’ve rarely met a beer that I didn’t like. So for me, a round of stouts was a no brainer. They were all very good and drinkable. I think the KBs and Old Raspy were my favorites with the Leinenkugel coming in last but only because it was less remarkable, not because it was bad. The difference between the KBS and Old Raspy, in my opinion, is that the KBS is a sipping beer, the Old Raspy is a drinking beer. It’s a total back porch, thirsty Thursday drinker!

So what do you think? Have you ever had any of these stouts? Which one is your favorite?

Thirsty Thursday: stout tasting

Thirsty Thursday

I asked my husband to write a guest post for me since he’s our resident craft beer snob expert but he declined so you’re stuck with me still.

Who out there likes beer?

Since my hubby has found his new snobby-I mean hobby-I’ve gotten to taste a lot of new types of beer and mostly in the comfort of my own home which is always a huge plus in my book! In my many years of drinking beer, I think I may have only had three that I didn’t like enough to pour out. I’m typically easy to please where beer is concerned. If you check out my untapped list, you’ll see mostly 4s and 5s. And badges. I’m really in it for the badges.

He won’t write but he takes a pretty picture doesn’t he? Thanks hubby!

Tonight, we’re drinking Wake-n-Bake Coffee Oatmeal Imperial Stout. It’s a pretty decent beer. But that’s just it. Decent. It’s not outstanding or remarkable in any way really. I hear from hubby that there are people who go nuts over this particular beer and to them, I say… good for you! I’m glad you found a beer that you’re enthusiastic about. I will drink mine and enjoy it but you won’t catch me raving about it. It’s definitely not a Samuel Smith Organic Chocolate Stout: the beer that I feel you must order each and every time your see it on your local bottle shop’s shelf or local tavern’s bottle list. A dear friend introduced me to the Organic Chocolate Stout probably a year ago and I can’t thank her enough!

But the Wake-n-Bake. It’s a dark stout but it’s not thick or heavy. It’s quiet easy drinking for a 9.4% (alcohol by volume) beer. There’s a little bit of a coffee flavor to it but not a ton so if you’re wary of coffee-beers, this may be the one for you. It does have a bit of a boozy flavor but nothing tremendously overpowering like some of the oak aged beers we’ve tried. I wouldn’t hesitate to order this out if I saw it but I wouldn’t seek it out and I wouldn’t buy a case of it. (I’m not sure I even want to imagine what a case of these bombers would cost.)

So again I ask, who out there loves beer? If you want to be my Thirsty Thursday beer contributor, please let me know! I’d love to have you guest blogging with me!

Thirsty Thursday