Summertime, and the livin’ is… well…

This post is brought to you in part by our cat who graciously woke me at 4 this morning by shutting my bedroom door only to complain loudly that the bedroom door was shut. Thank you Eddie for the early morning wake up call.

Oh my goodness, I was just looking through blog posts and realized that it’s been well over a month since I posted anything. My last post was a beer break as we geared up for the end of school. And here it is, over half way through July already.

I was hoping that a summer schedule change would mean more time for writing and blogging and projects and all of the things my mind told me would lead to a better version of me but that hasn’t really happened. Why is it that we moms are so quick to put our stuff on the back burner? Or is that just me? And is it necessarily a bad thing? I mean, yeah, I wanted to exercise every day and have a schedule that fit everything in so I could go to sleep feeling accomplished and wake (sometime AFTER 4) feeling refreshed and ready to start the day but in our chaos, we’ve still had a pretty great summer so far.

We got to the beach. And had a family sleep over. And rode bikes. And took swim lessons. And went to a baseball game and a movie and fireworks. We had picnics and playdates and dance recitals and caught fireflies. We went to a parade and to camp and to a play and a car show. Never mind that we left an Elsa doll behind at the beach or that the bikes are all just a bit too small because we haven’t gotten around to getting new ones yet. Or that my almost-five-year-olds gets super cranky when she’s up past her bed time even at a play. Or the fact that we may or may not have spent a week eating PB&Js for lunch because it’s the easiest thing to pack for the pool while still yelling at everyone to hurry up so we’re not late for swim lessons.

When I think about it, we’ve really crammed a lot into our first half of the summer. And now that the spectre of the school year is looming over us again, we’ll be sure to cram even more into our last remaining weeks of summer. Time is fleeting and sometimes I think that the more we do, the faster it seems to go but we’ve got a lot of wonderful things to look back on. And even more to look forward to! Now somebody toss me the bread, I’ve got PB&Js to make!

Summertime, and the livin’ is… well…

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