#nablopomo day 6 quickie

I posted the other day about the #momstaysinthepicture movement that has really struck a chord with me. So today’s prompt –

How often are you in photos?

– seemed just right for me.

I am not in nearly as many pictures as I would like to be. It’s easy for me to snap a picture of my kiddos when they’re doing something cute. It takes a lot more effort to stop what I’m doing and actually get in the picture myself. Or to ask hubby to take one and get everyone grouped together just right. But I’m working on it.

And looking back through some old pictures as I prepared for the photo portion of the prompt, I was glad to see that there are some pictures of me. And like the author of the Huffington Post article, I wasn’t thrilled with what I saw but I was there. In the picture. Building a garden with my oldest. When her memories of that time become fuzzy with age, she will have a picture to look back on and remember that yes her mom was there with her. And yes we did some fun stuff together. Maybe she’ll even have kids of her own to share them with.

Photo prompt: your love

Family. My little family is truly my love.  They mean more than the world to me and I would be lost without them. This isn’t the picture that I really wanted to post but I also wanted to give them all their privacy so these pictures remind me of when our girls were young and our little family was just beginning.

#nablopomo day 6 quickie

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