Cinco de Mayo Pinterest win? Homemade taco shells

Every time I make tacos, I forget to take the soft taco shells out of the microwave when I clean up after dinner. I’ve mentioned it before. The last time I did it, I ended up in a jam the next night because I didn’t have any more taco shells in the pantry as a back up. Pinterest to the rescue! Kind of.

I knew I had a pin to make your own taco shells and some corn tortillas in the pantry that didn’t thrill us the last we used them. So I figured it was time to give this pin a whirl.       

You can see that I baked them for 9:30ish at 375° and here’s what we thought about them.


  • These were quick and easy in a pinch.


  • They weren’t really all that crispy. This could have been my fault for either not spraying them with oil like the pin called for or because they weren’t exactly the freshest thing in the pantry.
  • They also kind of curled together as they baked. Putting them over the  baking rack worked great but the bottoms that were hanging down towards the heating element got closer and closer to each other as they baked. By the end of the bake time, I worried that I wouldn’t be able to stuff the tacos! I remedied this by pulling them up on an angle immediately after they were baked so the narrow parts were held open by the baking rack. I let them cool this way until we needed them.
  • There’s a fine line between crispy and burnt. I feel like these would have been better had they been in a bit longer but I didn’t want to start over if I burned them.

Like I said this pin was good in a pinch. Next time I leave the soft tortillas in the microwave, I’ll probably give these another whirl.

Cinco de Mayo Pinterest win? Homemade taco shells

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