5 Ways To Function Through Chaos

functioning through chaos As my girls get older and all of us get involved in more things, chaos seems to be the norm more and more. Sometimes there is just so much to do and although I am trying to simplify my life, sometimes chaos is completely unavoidable. Like when you’re moving or there’s been an illness or death in the family. In those times, knowing how to deal with chaos can help you to not get dragged down by a difficult situation. I’ve had a lot of chaos in my life so I thought I’d share a few tips that I’ve gathered along the way.
  1. Just keep swimming. Dorie had it right. When you’re in the thick of things and chaos seems to be swirling all around you, just keep swimming. Put your head down and only focus on the most important task, the most do-able task or even the most mindless task if you have to but just keep swimming. Keep doing what you’re doing.
  2. Drink. No seriously. This is an excellent coping strategy but instead of reaching for the vino or vodka, grab a glass of water. Water will keep you hydrated and I know everything comes together better for me when I’m properly hydrated. I’m less quick to temper, my brain is clearer and I just feel better in general.
  3. Breathe. Stop what you’re doing. Close your eyes if it feels good and you’re in a place where you can. Take some deep breaths. In and out. Do it again. And once more.  Open your eyes if you closed them. Adjust your shoulders, lift your head and repeat tip 1.
  4. Focus on the end goal. Do you have an end goal? If not, stop and think about one. What is the resolution that all of your current stress will bring you? Remember that everything is temporary and this chaos will not last forever.
  5. Change your perspective. There’s a great quote about changing your thinking from “I have to…” to “I get to…” What if instead of saying “I have to go grocery shopping”, you said, “I get to go grocery shopping”? That small change makes a HUGE shift in my brain. Give it a shot and see if it changes your attitude at all.
Long story short, chaos sucks. I’m not saying that any of these tips will eliminate it from your life but I hope that they will help you get through it to a more peaceful time.
Do you use any of these techniques to cope with the chaos in your life?
5 Ways To Function Through Chaos

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