Who’s behind the fairy doors?

My oldest daughter has been a lover of all things fairy for as long as I can remember. So I’ve had the idea of fairy doors in my head for awhile. Perhaps because of a piece I heard on NPR about fairy doors appearing in Ann Arbor, MI. At some point I got it in my head that it would be so cool for a fairy door or three to show up on my daughter’s birthday. I looked at some decals on etsy that would have been perfect but (as is usual for me) I procrastinated so much that they wouldn’t have gotten here in time. Especially since they were coming from England. A fact I didn’t investigate until it was too late. But now I had it stuck in my head. No worries though. I’m crafty. I got this. 

So break out the cardboard. And the scrapbook paper. And the glitter glue. Et voila! Fairy door!


I stuck it to the wall with glue dots and and waited. When my oldest got home from school, she played downstairs for quite a while before going up to her room to put something or other away Once she found the door though, she was so excited that I simply “had to come and see it!” I feigned ignorance of course as did my husband who lovingly helped me make the door at 9:30 the previous night. (Thanks honey!)


This project , like so many others, was borne of Pinterest inspiration. I saw the sign that I ended up printing and putting inside the door on a pin and then started searching for fairy doors. The shape of the door came from a Disney Family printable.

Update: My oldest just told me that at her sleep over party, she and her friends pulled the door off the wall and there’s nothing behind it. I didn’t anticipate that happening but I told her that maybe only the fairies can use the door as a door and the rest of us just see it as it is. I wish that I could put my hands on the book from the NPR piece but it seems to be out of print and used copies are going for around $100 on Amazon and eBay. Um… No. Perhaps I have to write my own ‘behind the fairy door’ story for my girls. Because the youngest will definitely be getting one for her birthday too and there will hopefully be one showing up on our Hawthorne tree sooner or later! Although I might leave an outdoor version to the professionals on etsy. 

Anyway… If you’d like to make your own (indoor) fairy door for the fairy lover in your home, here’s how I did it. 


  • Cardboard box flap to cut door backing
  • Brown construction or scrapbooking paper to cut door and frame
  • Adhesive runner or glue stick
  • Scissors
  • Tiny button (for door handle)
  • Glue dots (apparently they won’t damage paint even if they’re pulled off.)
  • Glitter glue or glitter spray
  • Disney Family template

I started with this saying that I found on Pinterest. I just typed it in a text box in Pages (that’s like Word to you non-Mac folks) and formatted it to fit the size I needed. I gave it a torn look just to be crafty and because I figured that fairies are probably not all that concerned with scissors and straight cuts. 

Next, I cut the cardboard and scrapbook paper using this template from Disney Family. You can see that mine doesn’t have nearly as much detail as theirs does but that’s what happens when you’re crafting at 9:30 pm. I only used the door part of the template as I knew I would be gluing our door to the wall, not standing it up. I cut out the frame of the door and then the door itself. (The opposite way of what I wanted. D’oh! No looking back now.) I think it goes without saying but be sure not to cut the whole way around the door or it will fall off, not swing open. 

I attached the sign using my adhesive runner, the button with a mini glue dot and the door with adhesive strips since my adhesive runner had just run out when I attached the sign. All that was left was a few strategic strokes of glitter glue. I stashed it on top of our china cabinet to dry overnight and attached it using glue dots during my decorating frenzy while the kiddo was at school.

All in all, I think the fairy door was a success. The original piece about the Ann Arbor fairy doors said that kids were leaving trinkets for the fairies. I wonder if our fairies might leave trinkets for my kiddos instead someday?

Who’s behind the fairy doors?

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