Springtime Craft

   Last week, the girls and I made these cute little hot air balloons inspired by the Crafty Morning website. We hung ours from fishing line so they looked just like they were floating through the cloudless sky. They were so easy for the girls to make. I made a balloon template and had the girls trace it onto the back of as many pieces of patterned and solid construction paper as they wanted. They cut them out and folded them and I helped them to attach them using scrapbook adhesive. We attached the fishing wire inside one of the balloon halves so that it would come directly out of the center of the balloon once it was all stuck together. When we were done, I cut a toilet paper roll in thirds. We attached some yarn to the inside of the toilet paper roll and then taped it to the outside of the hot air balloon et voila! Hot air balloons! With the second one, I tried to tape all of the yarn to the center of the balloon but I think taping the yarn to the outside looks better.

Have you been making any cool spring crafts? Next up on our plates are stained glass Easter Eggs!

Springtime Craft

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