Eggs. They’re what’s for dinner. 

I love eggs Benedict. They’re always the first thing I think of when we go to a diner for breakfast. When I was at the meat market the other day, they had Canadian bacon so I had to grab some and make eggs Benedict. 

Just by coincidence I was watching the food network sometime this week and Bobby Flay was talking about poaching eggs. Turns out you can put them in an ice bath when they’re cooked and they can stay there for 8 hours before you serve them! When you’re ready to eat, all you do is put them in some warm water for 30 seconds and they heat right up and are ready to serve. Mind. Blown. This was huge for me because I could poach two batches of four eggs, not crowd my pan and still get all of our meals on the table at the same time without being rushed! I wasn’t planning on posting about our dinner when I made it which is why I don’t have any ‘in progress’ pictures but I was so pleased with the way this turned out that I had to share! 

Tonight I made everything – english muffins, Canadian bacon, hollendaise sauce, kiwi – before I poached the eggs but next time I’ll definitely poach the eggs first and get the stressful (for me) part out of the way. Then they can sit in the ice bath till I’m ready for them. 

Here are the tips that I got from the food network that made this meal the newest addition to our favorite at home meals: (I’m paraphrasing here. This is the full article.)

  • Acidulate the water – 1 tsp of vinegar or lemon juice per cup of water you use. This apparently helps keep the white together. 
  • Crack each egg into a cup and then put it into your boiling water 
  • Remove eggs with a slotted spoon 

I cooked my eggs for about 2 minutes despite the website saying 7-8 minutes because I was afraid of overcooking the yolks. Apparently Alton Brown (upon whose tips the website is based) doesn’t like his eggs as softly cooked as I do. 

One thing that Bobby said on the show that wasn’t mentioned on the food network website (and that I forgot anyway) was to put the eggs on a clean towel when removing them from the pan. This allows them to be dried off and not have water all over your otherwise glorious eggs Benedict. I will definitely remember this step next time because water on your eggs Benedict isn’t yummy. 

This was probably the most cooked egg of the bunch. Still really delicious though.

What about you? Did you cook tonight?

Eggs. They’re what’s for dinner. 

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