Wacky Wednesday 

Yes I know it’s Thursday. Or potentially Friday or Saturday depending on when you’re reading this. But my oldest celebrated Dr. Seuss’s birthday this week – a week late due to last week’s snow storm – with a wacky Wednesday celebration and it feels like it’s an appropriate metaphor for this entire week.

Lots of things have gotten done this week but none of them were in the order that I would have expected and they were all a bit out of the ordinary. I think we’re still playing catch up after the storm.

Spring is springing though and I’m excited to see what will pop out of the ground around our new house.

We spotted these babies this morning so I guess it’s probably time to pack up the candy canes lining the driveway. (Hey they froze in the ground! I didn’t really have much of a choice until recently.) I would love it if these little shoots turned out to be snow bells or daffodils.

So long story short: I really don’t have much to say. But with allergies hammering me and wacky things popping up every day, I’ve gotten out of the routine of blogging and I wanted to get back in to it.

Thanks for checking out the ramblings. What have you been up to this week?

Wacky Wednesday 

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