Composite of Clock and CalendarOur routines have been completely and totally, 100% screwed up by weather and automotive issues this week and I can’t believe how disruptive that has been to my sanity!

I was actually considering not writing a post tonight for the first time in over a month but I was afraid that by breaking the routine, it would be easier to neglect tomorrow. And the next day. And then I’m back to not blogging. So here I am. Thinking about routines and how they can sneak up on us and keep us in line.

I’ve developed all kinds of routines in my life both intentionally and accidentally. My morning routine from waking up to getting our girls out the door is an intentionally crafted routine. It includes things like making breakfast and feeding pets, checking email and making sure I drink some water or tea. It’s evolved over the years to include all kinds of different variables but without it, the day can feel completely unfocused.

My blogging routine (if it can even be called a routine) is completely accidental. It came about as a byproduct of the rest of our schedule. I put the kiddos to bed (or hubby does) and I sit down in my comfy chair in the living room and open up the WordPress app on my phone. If I’m lucky, I’ve been mulling something over in my head that I can just get started writing. If I’m REALLY lucky, I’ve started actually writing something earlier in the day after a brainstorm and I just need to add and expand and polish. (I’m sure you’ve noticed that there’s not a whole lot of polishing going on around here.)

I seem to always be writing with the TV on because it always seems to be on after the girls go to bed. As you can imagine, that can be a bit of a distraction. Ok. It can be a major distraction. Especially when the food network is on. Can you tell it’s on now?

But for over a month now, this routine has been working for me. It’s easy and so far it’s been effective. And when it’s not, I’ll adjust it and keep on moving forward.

Am I a slave to my routines? Maybe. If I am, is that a bad thing? I think just like everything else, the key is balance. Stick to the routines when you need them; blow them off and go to lunch with friends when you need to.

How ’bout you? Are you a routine follower?


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