Snow day baking

Today was another snow day here in PA. I think I might be the only person left who isn’t totally over the weather yet. We’re supposed to get more snow tonight into tomorrow and I think after that I’ll be good but for now I say bring it on. I don’t feel like I’ve had a just right snow day with the girls yet – sledding and snowman making and hot chocolate or maybe cookies – so I’m crossing my fingers for this one.

Today was icy and then rainy and something about a dreary day makes me want to bake. So tonight while the little one went to her dance class, the big one and I stayed home and made Hershey Spa’s double chocolate muffins.

Every year for the last three years or so, my book club has gone to the Spa at Hershey. If you’ve never been there, you really should put it on your bucket list because it’s truly a wonderful experience. But the best part are the double chocolate muffins that are EVERYWHERE!! I love them so much that I could eat myself sick on them. (And have probably come close on occasion!) So after our last trip, a wonderful friend was able to track down the recipe! When I went scrolling through my recipe app for muffins today – for some reason I had muffins on the brain – I came across the recipe and it turns out we had EVERYTHING we needed! So we set to work!

One problem that we had with the recipe was that I was in a rush. And in my rush, I didn’t feel like weighing out the dry ingredients like I think I was supposed to. Instead, I just did the oz/cup conversion on my measuring cups so this ended up being a partial baking fail. When we were done mixing, the batter was so runny that the chocolate chips sunk to the bottom of the batter and the baking cups. When we took the wrappers off of the muffins, they split into a muffin layer (top) and a chocolate chip layer (bottom). They were still delicious but before I made anymore I added about a cup of flour – a quarter of a cup at a time – to make the batter thicker. Those turned out better and had chips suspended in them but I feel like they’re still lacking. I’m sure I was light on the brown sugar and cocoa powder too which definitely would have made a difference. All in all, though, they’re still really yummy as evidenced by the 4 or 6 (or 8?) that I had to sample as I went along. We’ll definitely be making these again when I can concentrate on weighing dry ingredients!

Chocolate-chip-bottomed muffins.
More flour added muffins.

Here’s the recipe and it’s taken directly from the website where my friend found the recipe.

Snow day baking

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