Easy acts of kindness

Whoa. So Miserly Monday wasn’t the hit that I thought it could be! It was all of that Great Depression talk wasn’t it? Well today, I’ve been thinking about something a little bit happier. Random acts of kindness.

While the littlest and I were out grocery shopping this morning, an older gentleman came up to her and gave her a dollar out of the blue. What a smile it put on her face and mine. I made sure she said thank you and I said it myself because it was just such a sweet gesture. Kids get lots of attention – my littlest (at 4 years old) got all kinds of oohs and aaaahs from a third grade class that we helped out in the other day. But for her to be the recipient of a random act of kindness was super cool.

In the past I’ve wanted to get in on the whole random acts of kindness thing but it always seemed so overwhelming. There seemed to be so much planning to it. (I tend to make things a bigger deal in my head than they actually are.) So I’m going in search of easy random acts of kindness that the girls and I can preform. I typically smile at everyone I pass and hold doors for people and tell the librarian to use the balance of the bill I give her for my late fees to cover someone else’s but I want to do more. And I want to include my girls too.

So here are some of the things I’ve come up with so far…

smile-06Pick a flower and give it to someone. This is really simple. No pre-planning required. It’s gonna be difficult right now considering we’re in the middle of a sleet storm here. Maybe we’ll have to do stickers till the flowers can pop their heads out of the frozen ground. Or with some of our expected 2 hour delay/snow day time, maybe we can make some pipe cleaner flowers. Ahem. Pardon me. Chenille stem flowers. Ahem.

smile-06Go somewhere public and sing and dance with my girls. I’d probably just get laughs but I know they’d make people smile.

smile-06cookie-textureBake cookies for a neighbor. I’m always looking for a reason to get the girls into the kitchen more so it might be nice to bake for someone else. I’m not sure if this would be an anonymous gift or not. Would you eat random cookies that showed up on your door or is that creepy?

positive-post-it-campaignsmile-06Hop on the positive post it bandwagon and leave positive post its on mirrors and windows. I’ve seen this online and thought it was the neatest thing.

smile-06Knit a scarf. Have you seen these scarves that people make and then leave outside with a note for anyone who may need them? What a great idea! Do I have enough time to knit some and put them out somewhere?

Any thoughts on what else can I add to my easy acts of kindness list? What do you do to show kindness to others?

Easy acts of kindness

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