#NaBloPoMo: DIY Clothing

I’ve always had grand aspirations of making my own clothes. I’d make long flowy skirts and ‘just so’ tailored shirts that would make me look oh so fashionable. In reality though, I’m a dreadful seamstress. I don’t have the patience to learn how to sew properly or follow through with a project. I don’t have the attention to detail for measuring and tracing patterns. Sewing isn’t the only way to make clothes though. Knit wool pants

Beautiful Malabragio yarn from my dear friend Jessica.When my girls were little, we used cloth diapers. At some point early on, I learned the wonders of wool for cloth diaper covers and my knitty little fingers started flying. I made pants and bloomers and diaper covers of all shapes and sizes. And when I just couldn’t lanolize another set of pants, I moved on to dresses and skirts. A friend gave me a cute little t shirt and some beautifully soft Malabragio yarn that matched it when my oldest was young. The skirt green, blue and purple skirt that I made from the yarn is still in the youngest’s closet. We don’t wear skirts much in the bitter cold that we’ve been having lately so I’m looking forward to her being able to wear it again in spring.

Beautiful rainbow love dress. Gone for their closets but not from my heart.
Beautiful rainbow love dress. Gone for their closets but not from my heart. Incidentally, OMG who is this tiny little child?!

In my love of wool, I bought all kinds of different colorways and had one that just didn’t wow me. I decided to knit it up into a quick dress and was surprised by just how much I loved it once it was done. The rainbow love dress as I lovingly named it has sadly been outgrown by both girls but I will be keeping it in one of their keepsakes boxes because I loved it so much.

I’m currently working on a hat for my oldest. But I haven’t knit any actual clothing in quite awhile. Perhaps I need to hop on ravelry and see what I can find to knit for the kiddos!

#NaBloPoMo: DIY Clothing

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