Spicy shelf did NOT rock my world

I love organizing things. I’ve often thought that one day I might become a professional organizer. Give me a day to myself with no responsibilities and I’d likely spend it moving things around in a cabinet or room or pantry. So when we moved, I had a whole new house to put things away in. And it’s still a work in progress which means I get to move things around even more! My poor husband must hate it. Every time he goes to find something or put something away, I’ve moved it.

Our old house had tons of cabinets. Space upon space upon space that even I didn’t manage to overstuff. Our new house has fewer and smaller cabinets and a huge pantry. I’m pretty sure that we’ve downsized on the kitchen but I think I’ve managed to keep only the things I actually use and find a home for all of them. There’s still a foreman grill and a stand mixer that I can probably safely get rid of but that will come with the spring purge. Fingers crossed.

The one place where I had whittled as much as I felt I could and still didn’t have enough room was in the spice cabinet. Our cabinets now are very narrow and the one that I’ve chosen for the spices – not next to the heat of the stove but close enough to grab from while cooking – is a corner cabinet that just goes back and back and back. There’s a whole section of it that is completely unusable and totally frustrating.

Enter the Spicy Shelf. I used to be an infomercial junkie so when I saw this commercial on TV, I was instantly in love! So organizational! So flexible! Stack them up; spread them out. The possibilities are endless. Surely this would fix my disorganized spices!

I put this into my Amazon cart and finally got around to ordering it when the price started going up. (Damn it I hate it when you do that Amazon!) Spicy shelves must’ve been increasing in demand! Can’t miss out on mine. And then I waited patiently.

When my box from Amazon finally arrived, I was so excited that I ripped it open and immediately got to work organizing my spices. Ok so that’s not entirely true. I was really busy so it sat there for a week or two before I got around to it but I was still super excited.

Unfortunately, as the title indicates the Spicy Shelf did not rock my world. I think in the right space, the spicy shelf really could rock your world. (That is if you’re as excited by organizing as I am.) The plastic trays as fairly sturdy and are perfectly sized for spices. My biggest problem is that the shelves in the cabinet I’m using aren’t adjustable. So while I imagined spices stacked three high, I could barely fit small spices on the top of the shelf.

My solution was to keep the most used spices in the cabinet with the spicy shelf and move the less used ones to my lazy Susan. I broke out the label maker and put the names on top so they were easy to see and voila! Room for all the spices.

So, no. The spicy shelf did not rock my world but it’s still fictional and helpful. I’ll keep using the one in the cabinet and continue searching for another use for the other.



Spicy shelf did NOT rock my world

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