Friday night books?

Today’s blog post was so boring and vague and uncompelling that I trashed it. It was about creativity. And I find it pretty hilarious that I can’t manage to write a creative piece about creativity at the moment. It’s been a long week and I’m physically and mentally exhausted.

So instead I’m just going to recommend a book series that a friend shared with me awhile ago (years?) and that I’ve just picked up again. It’s the Fever series by Karen Marie Moning. It’s a sci-fi fantasy series with a good – and I do mean GOOD wink, wink – bit of adult content in it.

I wish I would have written proper reviews on goodreads as I read the books the first time instead of just rating them because they’ve all blurred together after so much time. I thought I had stopped after book 3; turns out it was after book 5 because I was waiting for the next to be written.

I’m only 10% through the sixth book at the moment so I’m still getting reacquainted with the characters and storyline but this book is so compelling that I can’t stop myself from reading it. If I didn’t have so much going on this weekend, I would probably finish it by Monday.

My brief, spoiler free teaser to get you to read Darkfever (book 1): Makayla Lane goes to Ireland to find her sister’s murderer and finds a powerful, magical world that she never knew existed. And a powerful, magical man who she can’t resist. Read it. If you don’t like it, tell me about it.

So long story short, I aspire to better writing for you tomorrow. For now, I’m finishing my ‘I love you with my stout’ and watching Hot Tub Time Machine with hubby before I crawl into bed to rest up for more fun tomorrow.

Cheers and have a great night.

Friday night books?

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