Today’s writing prompt: What was the last mistake you made? How did you try to fix it?

Good lord. That seriously had to be, like 10 minutes ago, right? I feel like such a screw up sometimes that it seems like my life must be FULL of mistakes. I’m pretty sure my constant indecision is due to fear of MAKING mistakes.

But even if that were true – that I’m constantly making mistakes – is that necessarily a bad thing? Instinctively, it feels like it should be. But I told my oldest the other day that the only mistake you should regret is one that you don’t learn from. I kind of just said it without thinking. I was trying to be an encouraging mom. But after I said it, I realized that it was true. (Isn’t it funny how the truths you need to hear always come from somewhere?) It was almost like a lightbulb moment for me. Yeah. I’m gonna screw up. A lot. But if I can learn something in the process then it wasn’t a waste of time.

So most of my recent mistakes came during last night’s sushi making activity. But I learned and I let go of the feeling of inferiority that comes with the word ‘mistake’ and called it a learning experience instead. A yummy one at that!


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