The made bed

I’m jumping the gun on today post prompt. I’ve been prepping the craft for my oldest’s Valentine’s party and I know I’ll be posting about that tomorrow so I’m taking tomorrow’s topic for today: do you make your bed in the morning or leave it unmade?

I’m a bed-maker. In the sense that I straighten out the pillows and flip the sheets and comforter up to meet them. I used to have a mountain of decorative pillows that I took off every night and put back on every morning. They complimented our comforter and gave our room that ‘finished’ look. Well. As much of a finished look as I’ve ever achieved. Since we’ve moved, though, I’ve gotten rid of the mountain of pillows. Whether they were on the bed during the day or off the bed at night, they really just took up space. And there were actually days that I didn’t make my bed because I didn’t want to deal with the pillows. I know, I know. Epitome of laziness. But sometimes there’s just that line and anything over it ain’t gonna happen. We never used the pillows anyway so away they went.

When I first quit working 12+ years ago, I started reading the Flylady website and a lot of the things she said clicked with me and helped me try to organize myself. One of her big things is to shine your kitchen sink every day. To me, it’s kind of like the kitchen sink is the central starting point. Something that, when clean, encourages other things to become or remain clean. It looks good. It sets an example. And the bed is the kitchen sink of the bedroom. If it’s made, the room just looks all that much more put together. Also, since we’ve been having problems with our bathroom and estimates on new windows and friends over to see the new place, there are sometimes people other than us in our bedroom! Now I don’t have to feel embarrassed about the state of it.

How bout you? Do you make your bed or close the door?


The made bed

One thought on “The made bed

  1. I make the bed the vast majority of mornings, but today I didn’t. Ironic that you posted this πŸ™‚ We redid our bedroom about a year ago and since then, I’ve been pretty good with making the bed and arranging my 3 decorative pillows each day. (Three decorative pillows is my limit.) My kitchen sink, on the other hand, really needs a good scrubbing 😦


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