Chocolate must remain!

Today’s NaBloPoMo topic: What are 5 things you hope they keep making hundreds of years into the future?

This one is kind of difficult for me because my tastes, much like my moods, are ever changing. There are very few things that retain my interest for an extended period of time. That being said I’ve come up with 5 things I would be sad if my great great great whatever grandchildren didn’t get to experience.

1. Books. That’s, like, a given isn’t it? I love ebooks as much as the next gal – I’ll be breaking down and buying the Still Alice iBook pretty much as soon as I’m done typing – but there’s something to be said for an actual book book. It’s an argument that many others have made far better than I probably could so I’ll just leave it at that. Books. Number one thing that needs to stay.

2. Lazy days. I know this is supposed to be about things that are made but sometimes it takes a conscious effort to make a day lazy and snuggly. With the glorification of busy in our lives these days, I’m afraid that somewhere in the future, my ancestors won’t know how to just be lazy; to slow down and do nothing. Sleep in, spend the day in pjs, cook something slow or sweet or both on the stove just because they can. Hell, I already have trouble making this happen sometimes.

dove3. Dark chocolate. Like books, this is kind of a given. I love dark chocolate. In all of its bacon covering, potato chip covering, pretzel covering, bittersweet goodness. A world without dark chocolate is one in which I don’t want to live. Which, I guess is ok since there’s no way I’ll make it hundreds of years?champagne

4. Champagne. One of my favorite things in the whole wide world is champagne. Just thinking about it makes me smile. The lightness! The bubbles! The crisp, refreshing taste! It’s like sunshine in a bottle. If it was free, didn’t give me a hangover or cause me to gain weight, I would definitely drink champagne 24/7.

5. Pizza. Good old fashioned local pizza. It’s like a comfortable chair. It’s always there to fall back on. Don’t feel like cooking dinner tonight? Order a pizza. Forgot to go to the grocery store? Order a pizza. Too drunk to figure out how to open the refrigerator again? Order a pizza. Kids won’t eat anything you make? Order a pizza. It’s really a catch all solution. Besides, college kids of the distant future could potentially starve without it. And then where would the world be?new york style

What do you think? What would your 5 things be? Is it as difficult for you to come up with them as it was for me?

Chocolate must remain!

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