It’s derby day!

Today was my oldest daughters very first Girl Scout powderpuff derby! She’s been so excited about creating her car and getting to race it. I have to admit, when we got our derby car kit, I was a bit clueless. If you’ve never participated in a pinewood/powderpuff derby, you might not realize that the car kit is just a block of wood, 4 wheels and 4 axles (nails). Can you imagine my face when I opened the box and saw that? We’ve got saws somewhere but after the move, where they actually are is anybody’s guess.

Over the last 3 weeks though, we pulled it together. Kiddo picked out her style of car – convertible of course – and hubby took it to a friends house to cut it. Kiddo sanded and painted, painted, painted it. I added some rhinestone details so we could tell the front from the back a little easier and we were ready to go!

Her first run down the track, the car flipped because the weights that hubby superglued to the bottom hit a screw on the track. Whoops! Looks like we should have drilled them into the car like the package called for? The next run was much better and I think she got fourth? (It was all very confusing. I wasn’t quite sure what was going on at all!) She ended up in the last race for her group though so I guess that was good. She definitely came in fourth that round so no ribbon for speed. She did however, place second for most colorful car. She was super thrilled about that and I was really happy for her too!

When I first opened that box and realized all that we would have to do to get this car going down the track I have to say that I was less than thrilled about having signed us up. Now that the races have been run though, I can’t wait till next year. This was a wonderful project for our whole family. It gave us something to work towards and feel pride upon completion. It gave us time to work together and be creative. And it gave us a chance to spend a day with friends.

Next year, the little one will be in a Girl Scout troop too so we could have two cars to make. Better get pinning now!



It’s derby day!

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