Decorative touches: make ’em or buy ’em?

I’m not much of a decorator. I don’t feel like I’ve ever really had a “style” to speak of. Unless you count scattered and disorganized as a style. I guess maybe that’s eclectic? But now that we’re in our new house I feel like it might be nice to go through each room and decorate it as a cohesive unit. We just had some work done in our kitchen – new counter top, faucet, sink, pocket door and paint – and I feel like the room is only half done. The furniture isn’t right yet. I don’t like window treatments much but we need one over the sink. There’s no artwork. It just needs to be pulled together but who has the time?

A lot of the decorating around our house is functional. It is borne out of necessity and based on our kids. We’ve got snowflakes decorating the china cabinet, chore and reading and reward and process charts on the dining room wall, Elsa memo boards in their rooms and an art gallery covering our entry way walls. You can definitely tell that we have kids in this house!

Kid inspired decorating

photo stripThere are things that we’ve received as gifts as well like this beautiful purple beaded bottle that my mother-in-law got me for Christmas this year. It’s going to hang outside in one of my trees once spring comes but since I won’t be out in the yard as much in the snow as I will when it gets warmer, it’s living next my computer so I can enjoy it. Also gifts were the Frozen pictures that are in my girls rooms. You can probably tell by the color of their rooms – they call it ‘Elsa blue’ – that they’re just as Frozen crazy as the next little girl so all things Frozen are fair game as far as they’re concerned.

I’ve also got some beautiful hand-made artsy pieces scattered around the house. I made the heart at a pottery night with my book club and it hangs on my (ugly, desperate-to-be-painted!) bedroom door. The zentangle woman was hand-drawn by a high-school friend of mine and I’ve got two complimentary pieces waiting to be framed and hung in my room. They are some of my favorite things in the house right now!

heart swirlzentangle

Going forward, I’d really like to take the time to focus on one room at a time. I’d like to go through, list all of the projects that need to be done, find all of the accent pieces that I need to find the pull everything together before moving on to the next room. I’m not great at finishing projects so this might be a pipe dream but it’s good to have aspirations, right?

Decorative touches: make ’em or buy ’em?

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