My love/hate relationship with cooking.

place-setting(This is totally not our table. Thank you google image search for this shot.)


Today’s NaBloPoMo writing prompt: What is your favourite thing to make for dinner?

Oh yeah. This one I can handle. I’m totally in love with cooking right now. Every night for the last week, I’ve made a home cooked meal. Yeah, yeah. I know it’s only Wednesday but I’m totally in the cooking groove! Which happens to me a lot. But not always for extended periods of time. There are times when staring into my fridge and trying to figure out how to put all of this junk together just makes me want to curl up in bed and go to sleep – hungry or not! Which is really bad because I’m a Pampered Chef consultant. I should always want to be in the kitchen and tinkering with this recipe or that, finding new uses for this tool and that, right? Fat chance. In reality, though I’m definitely a PAMPERED chef I’m not necessarily a dedicated one. Plus, I’ve got two kids and a husband to please and mealtimes can be rough around here!

The first thing that comes to mind when I think about my favorite thing to make for dinner is a casserole. It really doesn’t matter what kind. As long as I can mix it up, toss it in the oven and forget about it to go do one of the other million things on the to do list, I’m a happy camper! My oldest has recently added baked ziti to her favorites list (after crab legs, pizza, kalua pig, and hot dogs.) so I know I’ll be making that a lot. The Kalua Pig – or Kalua Pork as we’ve named it for her – is something that I just made on Tuesday. It’s super easy and so flavorful that it was instantly a family favorite.

It should be said that I pretty much hate crock pots. {sarcasm warning} Oooh yum. Dried out, mushy meat. I’ve been dreaming about that all day while I’ve smelled this misleading but heavenly aroma. Unfortunately, they’re a necessary evil for us on Tuesdays. The oldest has dance and I have an hour from when we get home to be out the door for my beloved yoga class. Not a whole lot of time to cram in dinner too. So I’ve decided to give the old crock pot another shot. The first recipe that I made was a beef and broccoli and it lived up to my expectations of the crock pot. The beef was dry, mushy and chewy all at the same time. Ugh. And the broccoli was bitter and pretty much just mush. I was sure that I was doomed to eat crappy crock pot food every Tuesday at least until the dance recital in June. But when my friend Sue posted this recipe on her facebook page I thought it looked like it was worth a shot.

When I went to our grocery store, they didn’t have any Boston butt roasts so a quick Google search told me a center loin roast would do. I got one a little smaller than the recipe called for because my girls always turn their noses up at pork and I was afraid we’d have mountains of it left over. Other than that, I followed the recipe pretty much to the letter. I substituted kosher salt for the pink salt since, again, I wasn’t sure how this would go over. No sense in spending $15 on salt if I’d never use it again. The roast went into the crock pot at 8:00 am and prep was SO easy that I was able to get it ready without any disruption to my normal morning routine. It was ready to shred when we got home from dance and we made it a meal by adding marinated broccoli that we had in the fridge and all of the left over sides. Oldest loved it and gave it rave reviews. Youngest didn’t complain too much which I always consider a win. And hubby and I probably could have eaten ourselves sick on it. It was that good!

So, long story short… my favorite thing to make for dinner is the recipe that is quick and easy and that everyone will eat. Sometimes that means frozen pretzel dogs and tater tots. Other times a casserole comes to the rescue. And recently, I’ve been surprised by my crock pot.

How ’bout you? What’s your favorite thing to make for dinner?

My love/hate relationship with cooking.

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