Today’s project: tackle the dress up stuff!

Dress up stuff. Ugh. I can’t stand it. It ends up EVERYWHERE. It’s NEVER put away properly. And it’s an excuse to keep way too much stuff. (How many times have I heard, “but we can use it for dress up!” when I propose throwing something out?) But my kids love playing dress up and they haven’t seen this stuff for such a long time. I took it away before we moved because the toy box-type storage that we were using either became a dumping ground for anything they didn’t want to put away properly or got dumped all over the floor so they could get in it and pull each other around. Yeah. ‘Cause that’s not gonna end badly sooner or later.

But as I mentioned, they love it. And dress up is good for kids. It encourages imagination and I definitely think that’s a good think. So last week, I brought the dress up stuff out of the garage where it had been stored since the move and after that it had been living in a pile in front of a small trunk that a friend gave me years ago.

I’ve been pinning stuff for a long time trying to figure out what to do to corral this stuff. I didn’t like the toy box idea because everything gets lost. Of course, the control freak in me also hated that they could have put dirty clothes, shoes, pony tail holders and heaven knows what else there and I’d never know. So I knew we needed to start hanging things. I also knew that I would never paint or build anything for this purpose. This needed to be a quick and easy project or it just wouldn’t get done. I have some illogical aversion to permanently altering things too. There’s always this voice in my head nagging “what if you need it again some day” so this also needed to be completely reversible. Long story short, here’s what I came up with. (And yes it’s completely Pinterest-inspired.)


  • 1 trunk from my summer camp days 30 or so years ago that my girls might someday take to camp themselves or dare I say college?
  • 1 18-24″ tension rod that I actually had trouble finding. Walmart came to the rescue on that one.
  • A bunch of hangers.
  • A plastic bin that I had hanging around in the basement.
  • 2 command hooks. Oh command hooks. Where would I be without you?!
  • 2 strips of adhesive foam something or other that I think is actually for chair legs

And here’s the finished product!


One problem I had was that the weight of the costumes was too much for the tension rod and it fell. A few times. (SO MUCH DRESS UP STUFF!) I took the foam stuff and stuck it below the tension rod to hopefully help it stay in place.


I put one command hook on the lid-turned-door to hang a purse (You might be able to see it in the first picture.) and then another on the ‘frame’ of the lid-turned-door to hang all of our various wings that had armholes. The basket fits great on top of the new dress up wardrobe although I think I’ll keep my eyes open as I clean out the basement to see if I have anything a little bigger.


All in all, for an hour of work (and most of that was spent refocusing my 4-year-old on hanging up the costumes) I think this project turned out pretty well. And now I’ll just need to figure out what that crashing noise is in the middle of the night when my tension rod fails again. Fingers crossed that doesn’t happen too soon.

Today’s project: tackle the dress up stuff!

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