Noon Year’s Eve

My girls have a friend that’s going to be over to play on New Year’s Eve during the day. The other day I got an email about a nearby event that I wanted to take them to but at $35 bucks a pop times three and probably the best part of an hour drive each way, it seemed like more of an obstacle than I was willing to tackle. But it looked so cute!!! It’s a noon years celebration. It’s from 11 to 1 and they do a countdown at noon for the kids. What a fabulous idea right?! And so since I wasn’t willing to make the drive, I wondered if we could do our own Noon Year’s Eve celebration here! So, I started thinking and of course headed straight to Pinterest and created a board for all of the fun stuff I’ve found. So far, I’m hoping to:

504 Main by Holly Lefevre: Countdown to the New Year: Paper Plate Clocks

10 Fun New Year's Crafts for kids #2 DIY NewYears Eve Noise Makers Craft via J-Man and MillerBug Blog

New Years Eve Bingo Game Printable, the perfect way to ring in the new year!

Make pipe cleaner crowns & rings (The rings don’t show up on the pinned link but they look pretty straight forward: grab a few pipe cleaners, twist around a finger and bend tops out to look like a firework.)

40 Ideas for a Kid Friend New Year�s Eve PartyWhiMSy love: Pipe Cleaner Princess Tiara Tutorial

Countdown at noon with noisemakers and maybe even a pots and pans parade outside if it’s nice

This is a fairly ambitious day for me since I’ve pretty much been a slug since the Christmas festivities ended but I think the girls will like whatever we can get done. Stay tuned for the redux to see what we really got accomplished!

Noon Year’s Eve

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